Grants in Action 2016-2017

Below are links to photographs & videos which share information on the grants awarded during the 2016-2017 school year. Enjoy!  

Everyone can be a Maker!: drawing all students to a community maker space! ~ Sedgwick Middle School. Click here to view a video created by lead teacher, Shannon McNeice about this community space.

Water Wars ~ Charter Oak International Academy.  Click here to see pictures of innovative & creative learning with the Sonia Plumb Dance Company.

Dr. Scott and Cyndi Brown Grant: A visit to the United Nations ~ Charter Oak International Academy. Below is a note from teacher Jo-Anne Lizon regarding their trip to the United Nations!

Here is the link to our United Nations video. It is a heartfelt thanks to the Foundation for providing funds for this amazing trip. (It is the January 11 video announcement.)

Our entire fifth grade was involved in the creation and production of the video, which features connections students made between the work of the United Nations, and what we do here every day at Charter Oak. They chose the photos (many of which were taken by them on the trip), wrote the script, came up with the opening & closing creative ideas, did the voiceovers, and sang the song. 

Actually, just today, we took our fifth graders to Conard High School, where they presented the video to Ms. Esposito's Human Rights class. Then, the high school students asked our students questions about their visit. This was followed by an "issues forum" based on the "human right to food." It was amazing to hear these two groups of children discuss such an important/topical issue. We think that this learning will carry over as we prepare our students for their end-of-year Exhibition projects.

Dr. Robert & Gladys Dunn Grant: Enhancing Student Learning with Coral Reef Aquariums
Below is a note and great information from lead teacher, Anthony Wasley.

The official documentary of the Hall High School Coral Project is complete! Hall student Dan Padberg-Bartoo put this together as a project in marine science class. It describes the purpose of the Coral Project and student involvement. I hope everybody enjoys! Coral Project Documentary

Also, for more information on the project go to my website I have been working on for my classes- WasleyScience Website

Thank you everybody for your support! Feel free to visit the tank when you are having a rough day or just go on the live stream! Coral Project Live Stream

Heather Congdon Memorial Grant: Painting with Paper, Inspired by Geography: An artist's residency with Amy Genser. 
Click here to view pictures of this artist in action with students.